Purpose Statement

Mississippi Christian Service Camp has been organized by the group of Independent Christian Churches to serve as thier summer camp. It is a non-profit camp organized exclusively for the religious and educational purposes. the purpose of this church camp program is to:

1. Provide a person with a deeper awareness of God as creator and sustainer and redeemer of the universe.

2. Relate a person to other persons in a peer group, or families to other families, in Christian living.

3. Relate younger persons to more mature, adult Christians other than their families, in a sustained, counseling relationship.

4. Afford an opportunity to study the Scripture and make application in an immediate, living situation.

5. Afford an opportunity to discover that all of life is holy, and that it cannot be separated into the sacred and the secular.

6. Encourage the spirit of Christian community cooperation rather than the spirit of competition.

7. Help in the development of self-relience.

8. Lead to a Christian understanding of the worth of an individual in terms of what he is rather than of what he possesses.

9. Provide a setting where inter-group activity can take place at a significant level.

10. Teach a person to be responsible for the care and use of all of God's facilities.

"MCSC is a life changing place packed into such a small camp! God moves and works in ways that I have never seen. I have gone to this camp since 2nd grade, and Im not quite sure I would be the same person without it. I met my best friend that is such a God fearing woman. I wouldn't be the same without her. This camp truly is a special place and you can feel it right when you drive up to that small blue building​."   

                                    ~Kaitlyn Wilson (Alumni/ Camp Counslor)

  • Pool Available
  • Trained counselors
  • Nurse on-sitE
  • Scholarships
  • Certified swim instructors

GIVE YOUR CHILD The Opportunity to Learn more about christ!

A Summer Full of Jesus