A Summer Full of Jesus

Drop-off/Pick-Up times

Cost to Attend

Full week of camp ~ $130

Buddy Camp ~ $25

High school Week ~ Extra $15

 for Bar T adventures

Drop-off 3:00 pm Sunday

Pick-up 10:00 am Friday

Buddy Camp ~ 6:00pm Fri - 6:00pm Sat

Buddy camp, (Grades k4-2nd), June 8-9, Elizabeth Taflinger, dean

High School Week, (Grades 9-12),  June 3rd-8th, Ron Medlock, dean

Jr. High week, (Grades 6-8), June 10th-15th, R-Kay willardson, dean

Middler week, (Grades 3-5), June 17th-22nd, John Cash, dean

Fine Arts Week, (Grades 7-12), June 25th-30th,Frank and Leanne Williams, deans

‚Äč2018 Camp Schedule